Happy Birthday, Tom

Our youngest, Tom turned three this past week. I had to post this set of images that were taken of him about a month ago; he's such a nut bar! Tom sat down in front of my camera and just started making one hilarious face after another. I think this set gives a person a pretty good idea of what it's like living with this crazy little fella. Happy birthday, Tommy!


Throwback Thursday - Vagabond Review Video

Here's a video that I made with two fantastic graphic designers and friends, Keenan Kirk and Dylan Maclean.

A couple of years ago, I was fortunate to be one of the first photographers to get their hands on a new power pack called the Vagabond Mini Lithium. It was a game changer for a lot of photographers like myself because it meant that I didn't have to lug around a huge car battery sized power pack to my shoots. We wanted to illustrate just how portable and versatile this thing was, so we used it on a job that had us at the top of a mountain...in the middle of (a Canadian) winter...running three lights at full power.

These videos are so much fun to make and I hope to put some more together in the near future. Check it out!


The End Of The Beginning

"This town needs an enema" - Some guy from an old Batman movie

It was time to freshen up the website! I hope you enjoy the new, cleaner layout. I've also updated the portfolios with plenty of new work, so be sure to check that out.

Heading into 2014 (which has come up ridiculously quickly), I'm really excited about the line up of great clients I'll be working with throughout the year. I'll be sure to keep the blog updated with all my recent shoots, behind the scenes posts and videos. So stay tuned, kids.