Canon 6D + EOS Remote App. Not Totally Useless!

Below is a quick little video I put together going over how I use the Canon 6D wifi capabilities - combined with the free Canon EOS Remote App - to make photographing interiors a positively lovely experience. Sorry, I've been watching too much Downton Abbey lately...

iPhone Shot Of The Day

We must go deeper.


This iPhone screen shot of a Canon 6D live-view image of the iPhone taking a screen shot of itself is a bit of a teaser post, I suppose. I've been using the Canon 6D for certain jobs since it was released and I've gotten to know it quite well. I'm going to be putting a post together regarding its wifi capabilities and what a life saver (and back saver) it is in some situations. Interior photographers will love this thing.

Check back soon for a new video! 


Throwback Thursday - Vagabond Review Video

Here's a video that I made with two fantastic graphic designers and friends, Keenan Kirk and Dylan Maclean.

A couple of years ago, I was fortunate to be one of the first photographers to get their hands on a new power pack called the Vagabond Mini Lithium. It was a game changer for a lot of photographers like myself because it meant that I didn't have to lug around a huge car battery sized power pack to my shoots. We wanted to illustrate just how portable and versatile this thing was, so we used it on a job that had us at the top of a the middle of (a Canadian) winter...running three lights at full power.

These videos are so much fun to make and I hope to put some more together in the near future. Check it out!