iPhone Shot Of The Day

Well...I can't say this didn't make me a little nervous. 

I can't think of a better time to use the Canon 6D/EOS Remote wifi functionality. We could actually see what the heck we were doing in real time as the camera jutted out into thin air over a two story drop. Good times. 

iPhone Shot Of The Day

Spent the day shooting some rather baller staircases.

Nope, still not cool enough to use the word "baller"...

Anyways, Specialized Stairs makes some fantastic staircases. The first one I shot today had a waterfall running through it. No big deal.

I'll post some shots sometime in the next couple of weeks!


Canon 6D + EOS Remote App. Not Totally Useless!

Below is a quick little video I put together going over how I use the Canon 6D wifi capabilities - combined with the free Canon EOS Remote App - to make photographing interiors a positively lovely experience. Sorry, I've been watching too much Downton Abbey lately...

Nice And Bright

I just finished up photographing a home for Edmonton builder Coventry Homes and thought I'd post a quick preview. There was plenty of light to work with, so my off-camera flash use was kept to a minimum. 

I like tend to avoid wide angle lenses like the plague, so the shot on the left was taken with a 50mm lens. The one on the right needed a bit more real estate (so to speak...) so I used my Canon 24mm TS-E II. I don't always use wide angle lenses...but when I do, I use one that I had to sell my kidneys to purchase.


iPhone Shot Of The Day

We must go deeper.


This iPhone screen shot of a Canon 6D live-view image of the iPhone taking a screen shot of itself is a bit of a teaser post, I suppose. I've been using the Canon 6D for certain jobs since it was released and I've gotten to know it quite well. I'm going to be putting a post together regarding its wifi capabilities and what a life saver (and back saver) it is in some situations. Interior photographers will love this thing.

Check back soon for a new video!